What is Museum of Me?

The Museum of Me is a way for us to connect as individuals at a time when our social interactions are limited.

The Project

The goal of the Museum of Me is to allow museum professionals and visitors to share more about their lives – connecting with like minded individuals.

Guided by a week of prompts participants can share photos and short descriptions about small areas of their lives on Twitter or Instagram using #museumofme

Find the prompts and guides for the Museum of Me here.

If you would like to be included in the online museum head over here.

About Me


I’m Gracie, creator of the Museum of Me. I am a graduate of Museum Studies and Archaeology and occasionally blog over at Magnifying Zoology.

I also run #museum30 every year on Twitter and Instagram which is a 30 day photography challenge for museum professionals.

I can’t wait to see you submissions for the Museum of Me and hope it will help you to connect with others during our time of social distancing.